Clear Parts

Line Precision now offers clear acrylic parts. Several companies have expressed an interest in see-thru parts for flow analysis. We've done some research and now, through our new process, we can take any CAD data and produce a clear acrylic part. As good as flow analysis software has become, there's nothing like seeing the results on "real" parts. Using these clear parts will help to confirm your analysis and give you peace of mind.

Assembly and clearance checks could also benefit from the use of clear parts. On today's complex engine designs, with so many parts involved, it's often difficult to get a clear view of what's going on inside.

Maybe all you really want is a show piece or visual aid. What better way to show off your assemblies than with a clear part.

These are just a few of the applications we've come up with. There are probably several more we haven't even thought of yet. If you need a clear part for these, or any other applications you may have come up with, please contact us and find out what Line Precision can do for you .